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Here you will find details that we cannot fit on the form or in the event description, things like descriptions of the items for lunch on Monday, more information about programs and events

Our Speakers:

Eli Neiburger  is the Associate Director for IT & Production at the Ann Arbor District Library where he is responsible for IT, software development, marketing and events including AADL’s industry-leading videogame tournament series.  He is the creator of gtsystem,  a free web service for libraries to run gaming tournaments, which has been used to organize multi-library simultaneous tournaments for the American Library Association’s National Gaming Day @ Your Library. Eli produced videogame venues for the Sandbox Symposium and SIGGRAPH 2009, and is the author of “Gamers... in the LIBRARY?!” published in 2007. He serves on the board of Bricks for Brains (a small LEGO events & education nonprofit), Library Renewal (working to solve the challenges of digital distribution for libraries) and is the chairman of the Jhai Foundation, working to bring internet-powered telemedicine and economic development to rural villages in the developing world. 

Barbara Walsh  is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who has worked for newspapers and magazines in Florida, Massachusetts, Maine, Hew Hampshire and Ireland.  Her book, Sammy in the Sky, is illustrated by painter Jamie Wyeth; it was inspired by her family's first dog, Sam, a loyal and loving hound who dies in 2004.  She is also the author of August Gale: A Father and Daughter's journey into the storm, an adult biography and memoir.  Barbara lives in Maine with her family and their coonhound Jack, a rescue dog from Tennessee. For more information about Barbara's work visit her website

Terri Grief is President of the American Association of School Libraries.  Read more about Terri's career and priorities at AASL.

Sylvia Norton is the Executive Director of the American Association of School Libraries.  Read more about Sylvia here.


Here is a tentative list of programs scheduled for the Conference.  Please note that programs are tentative and subject to change.  Additional programs may also be added.     

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